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Compu-Wizard is a Central Virginia business that provides a vast array of Computer, Network, Web, Audio Video and Home Automation services.  We helpour clients find the right solution and implement it in a cost effective and timely manner. Our first consultation is always free, and we come to you (in home, and onsite business).  With over 25 years experience in the IT industry, we are able to provide the quality that you not only expect, but we feel you deserve.  What sets us apart from other providers is our personalized service, and that we truly care about our clients. 

Company Profile

Compu-Wizard has a common sense approach that takes into consideration the business reality, areas of pain, and potential areas for growth, as well as return on investment. Quality is a must at all times. Compu-Wizard is about good execution, competent work and quality results based on depth of experience and a strong knowledge base.

Compu-Wizard recognizes the value of good exchange relationships. Compu-Wizard strives to deliver value to our partners, customers and associates. Compu-Wizard contributes to their successes and, in return, we are rewarded with the improvement in the quality of our lives. You will find in Compu-Wizard an ally that listens. Let us identify the issues, define the goals and get the job done. 

Compu-Wizard recognizes the importance of knowledge transfer and continuity of support as well as the need for an effective technical transformation process
. We will train you before we leave.  We are always available by e-mail or the phone for questions.

Compu-Wizard, LLC

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